Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fun at the Shrink, No Shrink Required

Ran into some interesting folk at the shrink this morning. Which, let's be honest, is part of the fun of going to a shrink. Let's guess who's anxious, who's depressed, and who might just be psychotic!

They were a couple of real bikers - well worn leathers, gray hair hanging around craggy faces, that lovely eau d'tobacco. I let one of them know the staff didn't seem to be around, and we exchanged pleasantries so I couldn't help but notice the single teardrop tattooed just below his left eye*. His friend came in a few minutes later, the heavy smoker's wheeze suggesting he needed more time to climb the stairs. We exchanged pleasantries too.

It amused me to imagine they were there for couple's therapy.

Only later did it occur to me that it's a shrink's office, not a psychologist's office, and perhaps I'd completely failed the which-one-is-psychotic question.

Then it turned out I had the date wrong, and I didn't actually have an appointment for today. Because there is nothing like randomly popping in at your shrink's office to convince him your ADD symptoms are under control...

*Wikipedia has informed me that although this is usually a prison tattoo, it does not always mean the wearer has killed someone. And I like to think this guy went to prison for embezzlement.

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