Sunday, March 31, 2013

I'm Willing to be's Bitch

I love to read.

I was that child about whom it is said, half with pride, half with annoyance, "She's always got her nose in a book." In my case I always had my nose in a few books, being constitutionally unable to read just one book at a time.

Even as a new mother, I read voraciously, balancing books on my burrito-wrapped baby so I could read while I nursed. Just not parenting books. Because I didn't need yet another voice telling me all the ways I was doing it wrong. Like that I shouldn't be using my baby as a lecturn.

But something changed the last few years.

It never occurred to me that my reading would drop off as my babes grew older. I'd managed to read while nursing, damn it! Reading with older kids seemed like it would be a piece of cake. With merengue frosting. And sprinkles.

I was wrong.

Not surprisingly.

I missed reading. So this year I decided to make an effort to read again, setting a goal for myself of one book per month (which seemed like a slow and respectable place to begin, no?).

When I saw an ad for*,I knew I might have found my answer. I was already starting to get annoyed with Netflix - having it on in the background while I did laundry or worked on a cross stitch was great... until I had to wait too long for new episodes of my favorite shows and increasingly watched shows I only marginally liked.

I've just finished listening to my 2nd book, and I have loved it! Maybe I'll even start doing some book reviews here. Because I know you're all dying to hear my often strange opinions about the often strange selection of books I choose to read.

And it turns out I haven't outgrown some old habits. Once I started listening to audio books, I couldn't help but pick up a regular book or two that had been languishing in my to-read pile**. Apparently I still like to bury my nose in multiple narratives.

*My blog is so tiny that it feels sort of silly to even point this out, but I will receive nothing for this endorsement.

**My husband would like to point out that "pile" is a euphamism for "multiple piles that spill across the floor on their way to trip me."

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