Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Beginning. Again.

In my very first post here I mentioned a workshop being given by Alexandra Franzen that I wanted to go to but was sure I would never attend. Because spending that kind of money means I'm truly taking myself seriously, and we all know I can't do that. Then I might be expected to actually do something besides complain about how much I want to do. Complaining is more in my talent arena.

Well a year later it was a whole new story.

Mostly one filled with less writing and less crafting and less of everything I say I want.

But! A new story filled with new hope as well! Because I am nothing if not a glutton for that kind of punishment.

Alexandra was offering a new class, something smaller, less threatening to my sense of inevitable failure. The Who Am I, Again? workshop was just a few hours in a single afternoon, and since I'm practically the poster child for "Shiny Object Syndrome," it seemed like a perfect fit. Plus a friend offered to go with me so there would be no weasling out of this at the last minute.


It was perfect.

The fact that I'm publishing again here should be proof enough that Ms. Franzen is a miracle worker.

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