Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dear Muse

Dear Muse,
Look, I know how it goes. There are bills to pay and laundry to fold and children to taxi about; you don’t always have the time or the energy to get to the important stuff that’s just for you.

We’re all busy with life, and I understand that I can’t expect you to be available all the time.
The thing is, I thought we had a deal – I slog through the work every day, and you reward my perseverance with an appearance or two every once in awhile. It’s been a few months now (4 actually), and I still haven’t seen you once. Last week I was sure you were coming. I bought your favorite tea and some wonderful chocolates, but I was disappointed again. I missed you so much that I must have imagined your scent of honey and sweat.

I’d love to sit and chat for hours, but even just a few minutes of your sweet company would do wonders for my mood. Please come for a visit soon.

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